"HK organizations’ data readiness lags behind in Asia"

Hong Kong organizations are lagging behind in cultivating a data-driven culture for improving their business performance, according to a new survey.

The survey, conducted by US Tableau Software and IDC, interviewed 700 organizations in seven Asia-Pacific countries and regions to gauge their data readiness index (DRI). Data readiness is defined as an organization’s capability to make data central to their business through widespread adoption of analytics.

Hong Kong ranks fifth out of the seven markets with an average DRI score of 2.67, indicating that Hong Kong organizations are in the developing band and skew toward the lower end.

The original report is here behind a registration wall: https://www.tableau.com/learn/whitepapers/apac-data-readiness

I signed up for the White Paper, and China is 6th out of the 7 countries! (India is last). Isn’t it strange that China Daily forgot to say so?

Its basically Australia and Singapore crushing others lol


You gave away your details for this too??

I don’t you needed this white paper to be able to conclude that… The interesting takeaway is what the strengths and weaknesses of each place are. Hong Kong doesn’t invest in people, who knew?