Hong Kong District Council election turnout statistics

I found vote4.hk a wonderful resource for understanding and simulating the Hong Kong District Council elections currently underway.

The turnout at every hour after polling stations opened (at 0730 HKT) is released within an hour. The best official place to get these turnouts is the government’s elections website, here: https://www.elections.gov.hk/dc2019/eng/turnout.html, and with the 2015 turnouts here: https://www.elections.gov.hk/dc2015/eng/turnout.html

The overall turnouts are so far as follows, with 2015 turnouts in brackets:

0730: 0% (opening!)
0830: 3.82% (1.28%)
0930: 10.41% (3.85%)
1030: 17.43% (6.79%)
1130: 24.37% (10.89%)
1230: 30.98% (14.48%)

For reference, the final turnout for the last District Council elections in 2015 was 47.01%, according to the 2015 turnout page.

Their ugly turnout graph makes the large change in turnout very clear:

This version of the turnout graph should update automatically:

You can also check out this website, also from the vote4hk team I think. They asked volunteers to jot down the number of people voted on the notice note outside of the voting station.

Very nice! But my seat of A13 is obviously not being updated… I should do something about it.

The turnout graph doesn’t update automatically here, bah… Here’s the latest version:

You can use the link https://bit.ly/dc19count to submit an entry of the count. (All in Chinese now thou btw, but shouldn’t be too hard for you)

The link to the up-to-date graph is here: https://www.elections.gov.hk/dc2019/images/VT_HK_e.jpg

And as it stands now:

Final results: https://www.elections.gov.hk/dc2019/eng/results_hk.html

Can we correlate turnout or support for pro-dem candidates to tear gas?

Follow up on the https://bit.ly/dc19count crowd scoured data below.

And they did more data cleansing! https://bit.ly/vote4hkdata

Good for them!! Now where is the data repository where we can point to this?

Thanks to this, I found my favourite candidate (and winner!): Lucifer in E13, Mong Kok North…

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