Visualizing EV Charger data in Hong Kong

Hi data geeks, I have been look at the electric vehicle charging stations in Hong Kong, and find out that the government kindly offer an .xls file for all the stations at the moment, seems we can do better than that.

Any ideas on how to visualizing it?

The data is at:

This is cool, where did you find this?

It’s not the most open data, because it’s not directly machine-readable, but better than nothing.

Do you know what the columns mean?

How similar is the data to that here: (Look under the Transport category).

It only provides 12 entry of EV stations somehow…thou they have a csv format and even have the api builder

Which one has 12 entries? They do seem to have available Details and Locations and so on for each language :man_shrugging:

Just quickly looked it up… and I think it’s seems to be inconsistent with the epd excel too

I see what’s going on… You’re choosing “Details of HK Electric EV charging stations” from Hong Kong Electric, which does indeed only have 12 stations from Hong Kong Island. How about when you select “Electric vehicle charging station locations” from CLP?

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Of course the URL to doesn’t work, at all.

CLP data doesn’t include other chargers like Tesla Superchargers, and vice versa…hence I am looking into EPD data which in theory should have catch all chargers in HK

Edit: Actually the CLP data included Tesla Charging stations too…but there is a bigger problem, seems like the CLP and even EPD data is not matching with the ones on Tesla official website (e.g. missing some locations, inconsistent number of charging stations, etc.)

Where’s the Tesla data?

And can you access CLP data from their own site?

I just look up on Tesla website one by one and seems its not matching with the EPD data.

CLP data is only avalialbe on their website, just that not in a programming friendly way

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Well done for finding the CLP data, I didn’t succeed even with my Google skillz.

It would be instructive and also fun to compare and contrast the data from the different sources…

For your information I asked the HK gov about this in June. They answered that they will be working to make it available on

The conversation is here:

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Thanks @alexvb, maybe this is related? (unfortunately is down right now, I’ll go kick the maintainer to reboot the server…)